GE296 Raschel Warp Knitting Machine

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GE296 warp knitting machine is a common kind of knitted-fabric machine. It’s weaving facilities that produces raised pile, velvet, polyamide, acrylic, polypropylene and viscose or natural fiber as spinning cotton yarn, blended yarn etc. It is also suitable for knitting dyed or plain double-needle bar fabric with short-piled. After processing through fabric slitting , shearing , lustring , dyeing , ginning, sizing treatment or compounding its base cloth, the fabric can form general fiber fabric whose villus height is 1.5~6mm and spacer fabrics with its height of 2~12mm(also called sandwich) The fabric feels plump and gentle and won’t come off the base cloth. It can be widely used for producing decorative fabrics as automobile sofa-covers, pattern bed clothed, side cloth, cotton blanket, curtains; it can be used for garment materials and shoe industry.

Machine frames
The frames is made of bed-body, side frame, and top rest. On the oil box is used the knitting element drive with oil-bath.(Connecting lever)

Driving device
Those driven by frequency converter together with inching motor, and imported driving belt make sure the accordance of the knitting. Let-off structure is reliable.

Knitting elements
It’s consists of symmetry two latch needles, two plates, two sink bars, six (or seven)guide bars, steel line and so on. Latch needles bed, sink bar bed, guide bar bed are driven by eccentric lever Components, The needles are all imported products.(needle bars/tongue bar/pattern disc cams)

Pattern drive device
It’s driven by pattern chain or pattern disc cam, and adopts four way of pattern or high-speed cam. The movement of pile guide bars and ground guide bars can be adopted the combination of way of pattern and high-speed cam.

Yarn let-off device
Mechanical let-off device is adopted the combination of roller-active let-off and beam-passive let-off, which can make sure the constant amount of let-off. EBC-system adopts advanced computer and electrical-control technique. This system exists the advantages of easy-control, strong-visual, high-humanity and it is easier to survey and manually adjust yarn run-in values for perfect fabric quality. Moreover, it is suitable for least energy consumption and lowest noise and tidy lay out machine.

Fabric take-up device
The pulling of gray fabric is realized by four-roller pulling system. Change the pulling density and the changeable gearwheel can control different pulling density. Electronic measuring device guarantees the control length of the cloth.

Batching device
This machine use floor-type big batch, batch diameter reaches 1270mm,batching roller is driven by motor. Batching speed is same with cloth roller’s line speed,so the tension is even, it will not be changed according to the cloth batching diameter’s changing.

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